Friday, November 18, 2011

Drawings #111511, female figure, nude, ink

© Carolee Clark

People are often surprised to know that I draw with a pen.  They wonder if I am afraid of making a mistake.  With sketches that I do for for skill building, such as these, I am not worried about changing my mind about where a line should go.  Look at all the "errors" in the detail of the sketch below ... they add character!  A slightly elongated head with eyes close together (think Modigliani) or extra lines where the artist changes her mind about where the pen should go ... fascinating, no? 

This being said, if I am doing a large drawing, I may start with a pencil to get the composition on the page the way I want.  No set rules for me!

© Carolee Clark

© Carolee Clark


Rob R Robinson said...

I find the figure is extra difficult to draw with a pen, since besides getting proportions and placement right, the modeling of the shapes with shadows and highlights is a challenge. You do a great job of it.
Nice drawings Carolee!

Carolee Clark said...

Thanks Rob!