Thursday, November 24, 2011

Drawing #112211, female figure abstracted

© Carolee Clark
Abstract Figure Drawing
by Carolee Clark
ink on paper
17" x 14"

One artist at the drawing session came up to me and made a comment that I was changing my style again with this painting.  I would disagree.  First of all, one drawing does not make a style change ... that comes with many, many drawings.  An artist must feel that he/she is able to experiment! 

Anyone who knows my work understands that I enjoy working with patterns and skewing the figure (click here to check out my other blog if you are unfamiliar with my paintings incorporating pattern).   I have done both here.  I've also changed the models original pose as she was sitting on the model stand with one leg stretched out and the other crossed over the first.
Click here for another drawing I posted which was an abstracted woman (with other artists in the background).

And click here for a drawing of a male model which I abstracted.

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