Thursday, February 13, 2014

Drawing #021114, male model study, in ink, clothed

© Carolee Clark

Drawing #021114
by Carolee Clark
ink on paper
17" x 14"

This model was nude and probably wouldn't be caught dead in the shorts that I drew on him :)

Our Corvallis Oregon, community artist group is having trouble surviving. We are not getting enough artists to pay for the models and the session might not go next term. It's very sad. How can this be? The cost is so cheap $25 (or $30) for 10 sessions!  Students can drop in for $1. What an opportunity to practice one's skills for so little outlay!

Tell me, would you come to an open drawing session for $2.50 once a week to practice drawing the figure?


Libby Fife said...

In a heartbeat! I wish we had a resource like that so close by, honestly.

I do enjoy your drawings very much. I always end up learning a little something each time I look at them.

Carolee Clark said...

Thanks Libby! I hope we can keep it going ... even if we have to take a term off and start up again next fall.

Carolyn Hastings said...

Oh no!! It's a bit of a commute from Ohio and I can't even draw a shoe without it looking like a tree. Everything I draw ends up looking like a tree. But if anyone could teach me, I know it is you!

How much money do you need? We could do a Kickstarter!!


Anonymous said...

That's funny Carolyn! :)